Berlin Fashion week 2013

Berlin Fashion week 2013

I’m in Germany! I’m in Berlin! I’m so excited guys. I’m here for Berlin Fashion week 2013. I arrived on Saturday morning around 11 am. I left Nairobi on Friday 28th June at midnight for Amsterdam and took a connecting flight to Berlin.


First of all I am grateful and blessed to be here I’ve been invited by the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin, Inpolis, for Berlin Fashion Week. I’m not alone I’m with other 12 wonderful people from Africa that I’ll talk bout in another post.


This is a learning experience for me as well as networking and getting to connect with people in Berlin that are involved in the fashion industry and also with the other guys who have been invited from other Africa Countries. The last two days I’ve had so much fun!


I’m going to go emotional on you guys. When I received an email that I was invited for Berlin Fashion week, I didn’t believe it at all! Yes I was excited but I didn’t believe it. I kept on telling my friends I’ll believe it when I get there.


I haven’t traveled outside Kenya and its been a dream of mine to travel to a fashion week anywhere in the world even in Africa! At the airport I still couldn’t believe this was happening to me, well when the plane took off…I literally cried…I was like “oooh snap, this sh*t just got real”


Now more than ever I believe that dreams do come true. It’s one thing to believe in your self and its a major thing for someone in a far of country to believe in you and give you an opportunity of a lifetime. I’m truly grateful.


It was an 8 hour flight to Amsterdam the took a connecting flight to Berlin, which is only an hour. In the last two days I’ve experienced so much, gotten culture shock but what I enjoy the most is the long days!It gets dark at 10 pm and the sun rises at 4:30 am! Very cool. I’m staying at the beautiful Hotel Angleterre in Berlin, Friedrichstraße.


Well I have a full week but I wont miss a day of blogging! Today I’m attending the Africa Fashion Day Berlin, you can read about it. I took these photos on my first day here before I checked onto the hotel. I still have many more to share.
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