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If you follow me on Snapchat you got to follow my mini Valentine’s vacay to Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge. Kenya is a truly beautiful country and is full of so many gems, I happened to visit one of them for 2 nights. I’ve always been a beach girl, I love the sun, the sand the ocean waters however in the last couple of months I’ve slowly getting into a safari chic vibe.


Remember this post I had talked about Valentine’s plans? I did expect a roadtrip but not this far out kind of roadtrip. Our initial plan did not go as planned and the hotel we wanted to stay at was fully booked. We settled for Sarova Salt Lick. We didn’t think it was so far from Nairobi, we had earlier checked Google Maps and it had estimated the time to be 4 hours 30 minutes! Well it had located a wrong destination, we took 7 hours to get to the hotel. We got there very late, I’ve explained in my vlog below.


Sarova Salt Lick Taita Hills is located in a place called Bura just off Voi. Bura is 44km away from Voi. It is situated in the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. In the same Sanctuary there is Sarova Taita Hills Game lodge which is at the entrance of the park. Thats where the swimming pool, spa and other activities are located.


What I loved about the hotel;
    • The service was extraordinary! We arrived late and the lady who had done the booking for us did not inform the hotel that we were going to be getting there late however the manager was so kind and he opened the hotel for us and followed up with us in the morning. He even offered a bottle wine on the house, we don’t drink but that was a really good gesture. As much as people are paid to offer good service with this place you could feel that they are happy to do it.


    • The food was amazing. It was buffet and there was so much to eat, their cereal station was my favourite, so much so I’m inspired to start my own mini cereal station in my pantry. Breakfast and dinner is served at Saltlick and lunch is served at Taita Hills Game Lodge which is about a 7.5 km drive.


    • Of course the views were breathtaking. Goodness! The view from our room was so surreal, a million times better than what I see out of my bedroom on a daily basis. I got up at 6am to watch the sunrise, it was magical. That sunrise was so good that I had to include it in the vlog.


    • The thrill is real! The night we arrived,we had to park the car a few meters away from the hotel entrance, the next day the manager told us that there were 4 lions around there. Crazy! I didn’t see them but I did spot a Tsavo cat on our way to the rooms.


  • This place is extremely photogenic. It’s like that one friend who never looks bad in any photo. I rarely use images taken on phone on my blog, however this time I used my Samsung Note 5 for both the photos and the vlog, and they look decent enough to post.


Here some extra tips to make your stay 100 times better;
    • Carry heavy clothing for the morning and night game drives. The weather is great after the sun rises but before that it’s very chilly and that game drive wind is cold enough to give you a running nose.


    • Start your journey early and arrive as early as possible. The park closes at 6pm and you can’t access the hotel.


    • Go during the dry season. We didn’t get to see the animals since it’s raining and they have water deep in the park so there’s no need to come to the water hole near the hotel.


    • Carry an extra battery pack and memory cards especially if you’re with family and want’t to preserve the memories in beautiful photos.


  • Don’t go there to use the WiFi, you’ll be disappointed. This is a blessing in disguise, better to take in the views and to forget the internet for a moment.


I cannot praise this place enough, you can see more of it below. Any gems you know of? Please share them below, I’d love to check them out and possibly visit.

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  1. Wacuka
    September 25, 2017 / 6:03 pm

    Wow! its sounds and looks like a place I would love to go.

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