How To Order

Click the shop category at the top and if you’re on the phone click on the three lines on the top left corner to reveal the menu the click on shop.

Once you’re at the shop page, scroll to your hearts desire then choose what you want to buy and click on it

Choose your size aand quantity then clock Add To Cart. We have a size chart linked in the product description.

Once you’re done shopping and you want to complete your order, click on View Cart

If you have a coupon Code this is the time to add it, then choose your preferred shipping method.

Click on proceed to checkout.

Fill in your Shipping details. Please be specific as possible so that our courier will find you with minimal phone calls.

If you have more information about your order eg time of delivery or day kindly add it to the additional information section.

Follow our easy payment process.

Input the M-Pesa code and phone number used in the respective boxes.

Accept Terms and Conditions and click on Place Order. Give us 3 days to process your order and you’ll be ready to slay!


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