Gym/Fitness Haul

I started working out full-time a few weeks ago and the first obstacles was finding fitness wear that both looks great and fits my budget. Fitness clothes for women in Nairobi is a task. The variety simply doesn’t exist and particularly for sports bras and tights!

I’ve been looking to bring in some fitness gear for a long time but was discouraged by the crazy customs surcharge, shipping costs and unreliable delivery options. A friend recommended, Mall For Africa, and I tried it out for you all. All I can say is that I’m hooked on this service and here’s my 5 reasons why you should too:

  • Web experience is user friendly. (see video)
  • Variety – from high-end to high-street! The first direct shopping experience with luxury retailers such as Nordstrom, and even links Kenyans to latest Louis Vuitton and Gucci collections.
  • NO frauds – no more fake couriers and fake shops etc. This is a real company with experience in Nigeria and has chosen Kenya as it’s second home on the African continent.
  • Price – depending on the retail product price obviously but overall it is unbeatable in the market. Also considering it includes shipping costs and customs already – this is a win
  • Timelines and tracking for delivery – this is the biggest victory for Kenyan shoppers. You get email notifications when the item is moved from the retailer to warehouse and then shipping, and finally delivered for pick-up. Considering we were waiting for 30 days for simple purchases before this is huge!
  • Return policy – the products can be returned if they can for legitimate reasons like damage or improper sizing as long as the fault is on the part of the seller. It’s a good move to assure customers.
  • New retailers added every week – Matalan, Boohoo joined last two weeks of June. Every other month MfA is approaching more retailers and it’s only a matter of time before it houses our favourite stores.



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