Beach Body Bullshit





For the longest time, my body did not fit into the beach body criteria. I started consuming fashion magazines at 12 years old! I used (my mom) to religiously buy Shout Magazine. It was a fun teens magazine from the UK and they always used to have a cool gift in every issue.As much as the magazine was geared for my age group I ended up consuming people’s problems. The magazine had a column where you could write in your problems and someone would solve them for you. Most girls either had boy problems or body issues.


That was the start of my body insecurities. I knew it wasn’t as good as it should be. I took this into high school where I started reading more grown up magazines like Cosmopolitan. These magazines were available from the salons I used to go and also from friends. Cosmopolitan Magazine brought in thoughts of the perfect body, little did I know that something called photoshop existed.


I carried these insecurities into my adult life until last year. Last year I went on a quest to lose my baby weight. I really worked hard and I put in the work. During that period of time, I fell in love with my body.  Granted that my body has gone through a pregnancy and I have crazy stretch marks to remind me of that, I love it anyway!


I did these photos back in December 2015 and I feel darn good about them. For me, it’s not about how I look it’s about how I view myself on the inside. These beach body rules, beach body perfection, beach body bods…its all bullshit. There is no criteria on how to look when going to the beach.

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  1. September 25, 2017 / 6:03 pm

    Shout magazine????????…. I used to pick up every issue and had the posters up my wall.. Seems like yesterday..
    You look awesome in these pics.. The first is my favorite.. Muy bueno

    Xx Wangu

  2. Wangari
    September 25, 2017 / 6:03 pm


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