As consumers, we are more aware than ever before of the impact, our shopping habits are having on the environment. Consumer demand for fashion is high, but so is the amount of waste – over 15 million tonnes of textile and fabric is discarded every year in the US alone.
The media is constantly alerting us to the climate catastrophe we are creating with our desire for the hottest trends and the impact of our ‘throw away’ culture. As a result, it is essential that we start to take more care with regards to the way we shop and our attitude to fashion. From wearing your old favorites more often to shopping with eco-friendly brands, there is plenty you can do to make your wardrobe more sustainable. This post looks at six easy ways you can embrace sustainable fashion – and look great while doing so!
1. Research the why and how of sustainable fashion
So you’ve decided you want to go sustainable, but where to begin? The best first step you can take is to do your research into the why and how of sustainable fashion. Fashion Revolution has lots of resources you can use to get you started. The more you know, the more motivated you will be to stick with your new sustainable shopping habits, and you can spread the word to friends and family too.
2. Choose to buy from sustainable brands
Shopping sustainably doesn’t mean compromising on fashion. There are so many brands which support sustainability whilst keeping up to date with current trends. Most brands promote their sustainable practices, but next time you think of buying from your favorite brand have a quick check online to see how they compare. It’s easier than ever before to shop sustainably – with information about almost every brand at your fingertips, there is no excuse.
3. Take care of the clothes you have
It’s a simple step, but hugely effective. We’ve become so used to simply throwing our clothes away that we fail to take care of even some of our best items. Washing less frequently and at a lower temperature is better for the environment and much kinder to our clothes too.
4. Repair your old favorites
It’s more important than ever before to repair your most loved items to prevent them from going to landfill. Next time you lose a button from your cozy cardigan, rip a seam on your little black dress or burst a zip on those lived-in jeans, take it to a local alterations and repair shop. Let them live another day.
5. Re-wear as much as you can
Fashion bloggers have been saying ‘no to new’ and making sure they wear what they already have in their wardrobes. If the fashion bloggers are doing it, it’s bound to become a trend, right?
6. Buy pre-loved
With the rise of sites like Depop, Vinted, and the Vestiaire Collective, shopping second-hand has never been so chic. Give something beautiful another day in the sun and help to save the planet at the same time.

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